Did you know you can make & share wishlists right here on WatermarkBooks.com?! Save time and give great gifts by using our wishlist feature to save your favorites or gift ideas with the click of a button. Wishlists are perfect for:

  • Creating a digital To-Be-Read List
  • Sharing gift ideas with your friends and family
  • Saving future gift ideas for everyone on your list
  • Creating a one-of-a-kind registry for all types of occasions
  • Creating & sharing book fair wish lists with your students 

Everything on our website can be easily added to a wishlist to save for future reading or even emailed directly! 

Ready to get wishing? Make sure you've created a free Watermark Books account HERE.

To Find an existing Wishlist, click HERE.

A Note About Wish List Settings 

There are so many ways to customize your wish lists and make them exactly how you want them. To access the wish list settings, you must add at least one item to a list and then start editing under the “Wish List” tab on the “My Account” page. Below are some of the customizations available, and ideas for how to use them to your benefit!

Event or expiration date | This is a required field that allows you to either create an expiration date that coincides with a special event (birthday, graduation, baby shower, etc.) or if you do not want your wish list to expire you can set a date far into the future and extend it as necessary. You can also hide this date from viewers if you wish.

Private | Private wish lists will not be listed when searching for wish lists on the website, but can still be shared via email.

Do not ship items from this wish list | Check this box if you want items purchased from this wish list to be held at Watermark for pick-up. Be sure to contact us and make arrangements for the pick-up of these items. *This feature is perfect for book donation drives, school book fairs etc.

Notes | If you want to add more information for friends and family who will be exploring your wish list, be sure to add it in the notes section!

Shipping Address | This address will be available to those who you share your wish list with as a shipping option so be sure it is an address you are comfortable sharing.

Email Your Wish List | This is perfect for quickly sharing your list with one or two people. For sharing your wish list with a large group, we recommend using the shareable link at the top of the page.

Bulk Upload | This is a feature that makes it easier than ever to update large lists. The ISBNs for the books & items you have added to your wish list will appear in the box in this section. Editing this list will directly affect your wish list.

Changes will not be saved automatically, so be sure to hit the save button before you leave the page!

Still have wish list-related questions? Shoot us an email HERE.