Consignment & Independent Author Information


Thank you for thinking of Watermark Books & Café as your partner in selling your books. We are proud to support Kansas, and especially Wichita, authors. Any bookseller can assist you with our consignment program anytime during our business hours. This stocking service is a fee-based program which costs $50.00, payable at the time of establishing a contract with Watermark Books & Cafe. We’ve refined this program during our 45 years of bookselling. 

Please read through these FAQs about consigning your book with Watermark Books & Cafe before continuing on.

Please read through and agree to the following aspects of our consignment contract. If you have questions after reading these, please contact us. Print out the contract and bring it in. 

  • We will accept five books per author (even if multiple titles) per contract term. We will accept five books per author (even if multiple titles) per contract term. Books you want to place on consignment must be brought to the store during business hours. 
  • Print and sign the contract and bring it in to Watermark Books & Cafe. Pay the $50.00 stocking fee to Watermark Books & Cafe. 
  • The contract goes for a term of 90 days. The author will receive 60% of the retail price on books sold, and Watermark Books will receive 40% of the retail price on books sold. Checks will be mailed at the month's end of your contract's date of expiration. For example, if your contract expires on March 15, your check will be mailed at the end of March. 
  • Once the contract has been signed and the fee is paid, Watermark Books will add your title to our Indie Commerce database in order to sell books online at, in addition to displaying the books in our local authors section. Watermark Books is under no obligation to review, promote, or prominently display the consigned books beyond placing them on our local author shelves. 
  • If a consigned book sells out before the end of the contract term, Watermark Books will contact the Author or Representative to request more copies and initiate a new contract. No fee will be required to restock books. 
  • If a consigned book does not sell out by the end of the contract term, remaining books will be pulled from the shelves and the Author or Representative will be notified that the contract has expired. The Author or Representative will have a 30-day grace period from the end of the 90-day contract to collect the books, or sign a new contract. 
  • Authors whose books have not sold during the 90-day period of the contract must collect their books and wait 90 days before initiating a new contract. Watermark will not return books by mail.
  • If at the end of the 30-day grace period the Author or Representative has not claimed the books, or signed a new contract, the books will be considered abandoned and will become the property of Watermark Books & Cafe. We will donate the books to the literacy charity of our choice. 
  • Watermark Books & Cafe is not financially responsible for theft or damages incurred while on display or during shipment. 
  • Signing the contract signifies the Author or Representative has read, understood, and agreed to the terms outlined here.



Thank you for your interest. Once again, we ask that you review the FAQs HERE for more information and tips on how to best work with all of us at Watermark Books & Café to sell your book. If you're interested in self-publishing, please check out Ingram Spark. You can do so by clicking HERE.